Staff Instructions

Parking Staff Instructions

  • Parking & Check-In: Park in the staff parking area north of the lodge/banquet courtyard. Check-in with the parking mgr at the main gate on N Proving Grounds Blvd) at 4pm.
  • Contact: Check with the Parking Mgr (1) or call/text John 810-908-9976 with urgent issues.
  • Supplies: Yellow vest, folding chair, walk-in coupons, pylons, and clipboard with directional arrow, layout map, and instructions.
  • Layout: The map shows the parking layout including single and double rows with cars parked forward to the yellow tape/rope.
  • Hours: The driveway position (1) will be staffed from 12 to 4pm (for participants directions) and all positions 4pm to 9pm or until the lots are full (for attendee directions).

Position 1 – Parking Mgr

  • Location: Stand/sit on the left (driver) side of the road at the position indicated below, close to the parking directional sign.
  • Directions (12pm-4pm): Stop all vehicles. Determine if vehicle is a participant (exhibitor, performer, supplier, staff) and send them through the gates to the INFO booth for check-in. Let them know that the vehicle gate closes at 4pm and will open again after the fireworks end around 10:30pm. Direct attendees to leave and return after 4pm.
  • Directions (4pm-9pm or until the lot is full): Direct drivers with advance passes to the front lot (right), those without passes to the south lot (left). They don’t need to show the pass at this point. A sign will provide this direction as well. Provide walk-ins with a walk-in discount coupon and direct to the main entrance/pedestrian gate.   

Position 2 – South Lot Mgr

  • Location: Stand or sit near the entrance to the south lot.
  • Directions: Direct cars to slowly proceed to the active parking area in the main area and large trucks to the south parking row, and to watch for ropes, pylons and parking staff directions.

Position 3 & 4 – Parking Lot Staff

  • Location: Walk to the point of active parking, and stand so that vehicles turn in front of your position to park.
  • Directions: Place pylons leading vehicles to the active parking row. Direct vehicles to park in order closest to the grounds alternating sides of the driveway, close (2-3 ft) to the next vehicle, and forward all the way to the yellow rope/tape. Direct pedestrians to proceed together (as a group) to the nearest entrance gate. Monitor foot and vehicle crossings, and prohibited items (coolers, pets, outside food & drink, fireworks, and weapons), which must be left in the car or taken of the property. Tailgating is discouraged but allowed. Loitering without entering the gate is prohibited

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